How it Began

As part of the chronic disease unit set up in Em-Kajar Medical Center, SCD has been one of the chronic conditions treated effectively. Directed by the renowned Naturopath & Homeopath, Dr. David E.R. Ajaere, the unit has successfully over the course 3 decades, researched and perfected its treatment therapy for SCD using a holistic approach that is non-invasive as all treatment are administered orally.

Em-Kajar Medical Center was established in the year 1984 and incorporated in 1997 (and ran until 2013) with the sole purpose of treating chronic diseases using Phyto and Biochemic remedies. Over the course of its active operation, the medical center had successfully treated several chronic diseases including cancer, stroke, STD, infertility and SCD.

Even after he stopped practising in 2013, the doctor was still getting referrals for chronic diseases, with sickle cell disease being the majority. This led to the birth of Dr. SickleCell, a specialist care dedicated to the management of SCD pain crisis and cure of sickle cell anemia

Dr SickleCell started off in the year 2014 as an out-patient specialist care, offering home and couriered treatment services to its patient members. In 2016, Dr SickleCell launched an awareness outreach (the SaveOne Campaign) for SCD, which offered free crisis treatment to 100 persons experiencing pain crisis at that time. The campaign was largely a success as DSC treated Our History patients from different parts of the nation. The campaign sparked correspondence with some active stakeholders and SCD communities in the country like Folumy Sickle Cell Foundation, Mrs Aisha Edwards – Association of People living with Sickle cell Disorder in Anambra, and ongoing discussions with the Olusegun Obasanjo Foundation (OOF): on partnerships to further research on SCD treatment, amongst others.

It also had international reach, which led to an official visit from the Presidential Candidate for Liberia, Dr Jeremiah Z.Whapoe, who expressed profound interest in the treatment and discussed the possibility of its access and availability for persons living with SCD in Liberia.