Why DSC is different.

At Dr SickleCell, we believe that every patient with SCD battles the disease in a unique way. We believe that each person processes pain differently and with this, SCD requires a truly personalized care, delivered by experts experienced in the complexities and care of the disease.

Dr SickleCell is solely dedicated to treating SCD with in-depth experience and commitment at every level through a patient focused approach and our innovative effective treatment options.

At DSC, patients will be met with a multidisciplinary care team dedicated to their wellness using result-backed therapies to help them eliminate the occurrence of pain episodes, while also building up their energy levels and keeping them healthy and strong throughout the treatment cycle.

The Wellness Team at DSC will work together to understand your unique care needs and develop an integrative treatment plan tailored specifically to you.

The DSC Advantage

  • Our Portfolio of ultra effective Treatments
  • A Patient Centered Care Model
  • A Streamlined Platform
  • An Integrative Approch
  • A Dedicated Team (Expert Care)
  • Quality Care for Patients